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Clients and Technologies
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Our office has been retained to represent Cerona Networks who has acquired existing technology and the former Aloha Networks.  We will be helping Cerona protect their new satellite communications technology
Cerona Networks
Drug Delivery Company
We are also working with a Bay Area startup which is developing new and exciting methods of drug delivery
PDF of issued patent
Laser Scattering
I was able to assist a new startup acquire a patent for a novel method of analyzing signals for forward scatter laser signals which required far less computational horsepower than the current accepted method of performing Fourier transforms.
High Speed Lapping
I assisted a small start up company, Johnson Diamond Tool, in Williams, AZ with filing patent applications to cover a state of the art high speed polishing process. This successful application encompassed several disciplines.”
Updated: October 9, 2010
Utility Patents
Design  Patents
How about a design patent for a snack food item that is shaped like a french fry? 
Or shaped like corn on the cob?
United States patent 6,313,092 deals with a special amino acid sequence which enhances its transdermal drug delivery.
Unique amino acid sequence