March 2006 - Federal  Register Publications
Affecting or Related to 37 CFR

March 29 NPRM* - The United States Patent and Trademark Office (Office) is proposing changes to the rules of practice relating to ex parte and inter parte patent reexamination.

March 28 -  NPRM* - the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress is considering adoption of new fees for special services and Licensing Division services, and that the Office has submitted to Congress proposed new statutory fees for certain other services.

March 27 - The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is reopening the comment period for proposed changes to certain rules affecting practice before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board that were published in the Federal Register January 17, 2006.

March 15 - Request for nominations to the Patent Public Advisory Committee and the Trademark Public Advisory Committee.

March 13 - Submission to OMB for proposed changes to  forms PTO/SB/45/47/65/66 which include maintenance fee transmittal, Fee address, and petitions (unintentional and unavoidable) to accept late maintenance fee payment.

March 10 - This final rule revises the rules of practice to implement the provisions for refunding the patent search fee for applicants who file a written declaration of express abandonment before an examination has been made of the application.

March 8 - Final Rules affecting Part 404 - Licensing of Government Owned Inventions

         *Notice of Proposed Rule Making

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It always seems that information that I'm looking for on the PTO Web site is hard to find or once I've gotten familiar with how to find something - the PTO changes the web site - like they did around 27 March 2006.

In order to deal with this issue, I'm putting together this web page for my own use, and I hope others may find it useful.  Because of their nature, certain parts will be updated on a regular basis.

It will take awhile to get all the links moved over or relocate where all the pages are after the most recent USPTO web restructuring.

Updated: May 9, 2018
April 2006 - Federal Register Publications
Affecting or Related to 37 CFR

April 6 - Proposed rules regarding elimination of the Document Disclosure Program.

April 4 - Third interim patent extension was granted  for animal drug Zilmax.
           - Third interim patent extension was granted for the human drug Anthelios.
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May 2006 - Federal Register Publications
Affecting or Related to 37 CFR
(Last updated Tuesday, May 23 )

May 22 -  Request for Comments on the Patent Prosecution Highway
      The USPTO is establishing a pilot program with the Japanese
               Patent Office called the Patent Prosecution Highway.  US applications
               can be Made Special based upon a prior filed Japanese application wherein
               at least one of the claims in the Japanese application has been found to be 
               patentable, along with some other requirements.

May 16 -  Request for Comments on Patents Search Templates
"Search templates define the field of search, search tools, and search
methodologies that should be considered each time a patent application is
examined in a particular classification."  
                Link to Fed Reg Publication                         Link to Search Templates

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June 2006 - Federal Register Publications
Affecting or Related to 37 CFR
(Last updated Friday, June 09 )

 June 5 - Revision of Patent Fees for Fiscal Year 2007
Patent fees for 2007 will be adjusted with one of two options.

Option 1:  If legislation which would extend the fees under the
Consolidated  Appropriations Act is enacted, then fee increases will
             be passed upon the fees under the Consolidate Appropriations Act

Option 2: "If, for any period during fiscal year 2007, the fee
             revisions in the Consolidated Appropriations Act are not in effect,
             then the fee adjustment would apply to the former fee amounts
             that were in place on October 1, 2004, to December 7, 2004, prior
             to the enactment of the Consolidated Appropriations Act."

Under the proposed revision, there could be two fee schedules
in fiscal year 2007.  If extending legislation is NOT enacted, by the
at the start of fiscal year 2007, then Option 2 is implemented.  If
             extending legislations is enacted later in fiscal year 2007, then
             Option 1 would be implented.

[Link to Federal Register Publication]
July 2006 - Federal Register Publications
Affecting or Related to 37 CFR

 July 10 - Proposed Changes to IDS Requirments


August 2006 - Federal Register Publications
Affecting or Related to 37 CFR
(Last Updated Monday 31, July 2006)

August 24 - Request for Comments on USPOT's Draft Strategic Plan
                    for FY 2007-2012
                                           [Fed. Reg. Notice]
                                  [Draft Plan Document]  42 page Word Document

August 4 - Ex parte and Inter Parte reexamination proceedings;
                 filing date requirements


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     Revision 5, August 2006
     Revision 6, September 2007
     Revision 7, July 2008
     Revision 8, July 2010
     Revision 9, August 2012
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